Infinities Child, by Eileen Prunster

Little girl    

you could see    

the poetry   

in all around   

with toddlers walk   

still yet to talk   

wide eyed in wonder   

without sound   


This poem was done by a very amazing poet, Eileen Prunster!

She has such a gifted child (the poem I assume is about her), with those little knowing sphears aglow. We have had the pleasure to talk quite a bit- And I really appreciate all of her advice, I am sure her child will grow up heading out on the right direction, from what I gather she knows to inspire indivisuality in her daughter. A great lesson for any parent!

Art by a wonderful water color and digital artist.


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I will bring you the very best in Thought provoking material, ranging from poetry, pictures depicting humanistic and naturalistic splendors, I'll post about upcoming science breakthroughs that may have been overlooked, metaphysical anomalies/studies, weird history,and hopefully Religious inspections(Though I can not promise it will be always respectful), finally this could be interpreted as atheist/agnostic so leave now if you are religiously pre-occupied, and/or not willing to hear out other possibilities in our spectrum of human consciousness turn away now! And if you open your eyes to me today, I will attempt to explain...Life.

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