Planetary Brain


An artistic and scientific examination of this photo manipulation/mixed media. Please continue…

Now some of us know how the Right brain in controlled experiments tends to open the flood gates to creativity, expression in all things or self, art in any form, music, holistic thought, inspiration, altruism ( the good welfare we wish in others), empathy etc.

Then there is the Left brain.
Our Left brain researches and observes all, delves into highly analytic, organized,
linguistically inclined, situations, logical reasoning is fun for it, problem solving, mathematics and categorizing, that’s normal.

This picture displays this notion perfectly in conjunction with the studies.

Our Right brain is much like the Mixed media depicts.
Using living vibrant green trees: Breathing organisms, oxygen rich, lighter colors of blue fade out the rest of the picture. It almost has an aura of crisp enjoyment emanating from that side. You really get a feeling for how liberating creativity can be. But it does seem a tad bit lonely on account of there are only trees. But it sure knows how to branch out so to speak.

In contrast comes the Left Brain, we have the Mixed media now that is surrounded by a dark blue smog of sorts ( a message the artist was most-likely trying to suggest that we are environmentally imbalanced) . It rests on a bustling highly compact city, rich in other means, buildings and skyscrapers, offices and shops, streets and subways. This is the highly organized Left brain in all its glory. People of all different kinds trying to co-exist, and live socially.

Now, there are goods and bads to each side as you’ve just read. What I am getting at here is this. We have to find our mid point, our center; we have to concentrate our effort. Concentrate it into surviving healthy, concentrate it into socially living among nature and luxury. We need discretion in all matters. Art, science, political affairs, religious affiliations (the list goes on). We need to harmonize our strengths and weaknesses as a planet and move together as a species.

Then those blues wont be so contrast, and our air wont be to dirty, and we wont be too lonely, or hungry-

We just need the opportunity to unite these two very real examples here. We need to take these internalizations and make them a reality.

We need justice, and we need Poetry.

Lets use this picture as an edifice of self-conservation.
Self-control. Harmony. And lastly, unification while maintaining individuality.

Thank you for reading.

Picture by ~adriansalamandre


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I will bring you the very best in Thought provoking material, ranging from poetry, pictures depicting humanistic and naturalistic splendors, I'll post about upcoming science breakthroughs that may have been overlooked, metaphysical anomalies/studies, weird history,and hopefully Religious inspections(Though I can not promise it will be always respectful), finally this could be interpreted as atheist/agnostic so leave now if you are religiously pre-occupied, and/or not willing to hear out other possibilities in our spectrum of human consciousness turn away now! And if you open your eyes to me today, I will attempt to explain...Life.

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