Mechanizing humanity.

Mechanizing  humanity.

I found this picture today, and was overcome with a flood of thoughts.

So I had extrapolated what I could to make some sense of the symbolism.

An old male firm human hand explosive in intent, a finger on the trigger-
of city sky line. Pointed at a personified female youth version of nature, in vulnerability.

I take this as the artists way of suggesting the way we make nature comply to our very will.

We alone command seas sky and land. With our technology.

There is a negative theme here, and all that underlie it.

I see nature from this picture like this:

1. Female presence. Mothering, intuitive, caring, non-violent. (not to say that all females are that way) But in the context of the picture, there are two very distinct genders. Which leads me to believe there might be those emotions attached. (my opinion).

2. Nature’s presence. Nature, is half the theme here. Largely taking over the majority of the picture.
The force of nature is bountiful, prosperous, rich, vast, leading upwards to a sky like mind. Tranquil.

3. The River’s presence. The position of the river runs through valleys, mountains, and falls upon the face of the women. It does not drip in drops like our tears. It babbles and endlessly rushes in streams. Figurative streams! Literally amazing. Metaphorically saddening.

4. The gun, made of buildings, metals, hard materials, dark, solid, cold. Looming, pointing.

5. An erupting hand, surrounded by smoke.
People in my most cynical examination are arrogant, and impulsive. Technology gives people the power, it is a tool.
(in this dramatic situation it is being used to control, threaten, take over, with extreme aggression).

So what can we take from this horrible situation?

What good things can we learn about nature, humanity, technology and co-existing?

Well I look back on one of my previous posts, (Planet Brain) And I think about how we can not survive in one complete extreme or the other.

We need balance. We can not intend to harm nature or people with technology.

Think going green but on a mass scale.

That is about what we need to progress, and that isn’t just my opinion. Many many many people out there are turning to alternative energies.

I only hope our species is quick enough to embrace this sort of change.

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