When Mercury Spills by, Catie aka Cold as Ice (poem)

When mercury spills on my tear stained face

and all that’s left is a rancid taste
I decline to speak but it matters less
than any whore of yesterday or today.

When mercury spills onto my breasts
lumps in motion contrive a demeaning narrative
an assent unto nothingness darker than the rest
of all my days and nights comparative.

When mercury spills into my veins
darkness is the blanket that warms a cold soul
until at last what comes out from within
resembles something better, changed, whole.

When mercury spills into my mouth
and all my words come rolling right out
like dark pearls from an oyster bed of lies
when rose petals bleed a sad demise.

When mercury spills into my heart
pulling into light what I had stuffed into dark
corners and corridors and outside the fence
wreaks havoc on my emotions with no defense.

When mercury spills into my life
when choices were made to not be a wife
and ten thousand regrets pound in my head
until every childhood dream is finally bled dry
and mercury spills.


(poem by Cold as Ice http://hellopoetry.com/-cold-as-ice/)

A lot of different meanings can be taken from this, I see women’s suffrage, and abuse taken into consideration as well as societies expectations and how we regret and become remorseful for not fulfilling those rolls. Just a feeling. I think the writers stance of what if feels like to be worthless is relevant to anyone that has been abused- Or spoken less of or made out in a negative light. You begin to believe you are the little thing people have made you out to be 😦 Just by the personal comparison to her subject mercury, one can denote that its presence (what ever hinders you) is malicious. Strong regret in this one, it is terribly saddening. Wanting to do things but the restrictions of life make it not possible. Expecting one thing out of life, having it shattered… Becoming like the very thing that is taking you over. Until all you have is regret.

Great poem Catie, stay strong.


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