In Love with Life, filled with a divine sadness. Poem By K Bala

ImageMy sadness is divine, has no personal reason,
pain and pleasure are momentary, like human life;
in depth, each experience makes one sublime,
life is a dance, with death as an invisible companion.

K Bala, is a brilliant mystical poet, quite possibly one of my favorite (I know I know I say that all the time). It has been said that we have met in dreams. And his poetry sure speaks volumes so it is not hard to see how that is possible. There is an aspect to his work especially this piece that shatters all preconceived notions on what it means to be alive.
Embracing death, in a dance of life.

How eloquent and eerie that he could be so spot on. How inspiringly fortuitous this is… the refined message of all our ancient ancestors. His poem comes to life with each fragile line. And how he crosses each level of consciousness with pain and pleasure being momentary, something we all know deep inside, but still latch onto. We are dancing wildly as we read on.

But the dance doesn’t end just because we do. Many others are dancing, and many others have just started. This leads us feeling sad. It leaves me feeling sad for unknown reasons. And that is what makes this poet, in my eyes in line with the divine. Let us learn from this. And dance the way we have. Let us be conscious of each step and spin and dip! Let us be thankful for the insight as we read this over and over.

His metaphors disguised momentarily. The truth. Then disarms something deep inside once pondered.

Wonderful work K Bala.

Picture credited to: “sacred_geometry_by_graceyinpinglung-d56m46n”


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