Beethoven; A poem by Yelena

Piano’s essence is a molten sacrifice
defaced with the basswood timbre,
black spring consuming white winter
in its most terrible and bright moment –

The massacre of any distraught flare
at the core of forte’s solemn mass
clings closer to a porcelain heart
than dove’s devout eyes sky-fixed.

Basic are lowest octaves, sotto voce,
when the hammer stirs a frail string
and tremulous ivory sighs in chords
to reshape even the sheltering high –

For a vibrating wire and faint ruins
that slam on the cartesian world
the keys fever cadence after cadence,
shard after shard – tempered hectic.

C minor-edged on a nowhere’s pyre
the bleeding note speaks obsidian,
emotion as a dim archaic shimmer –
and the galaxy’s glazed bare, wingless.

If you kiss this fractured reverence
while adagio turns presto agitato,
toss feathers into a perfect catastrophe,
bless it with your abysmal geometry

you can flyImage

An stylish poem by Yelena, ( & (!/read/blog/id/18769803/)

What a wonderful poem, infusing musical technicality with poetic intrigue. You don’t have to be a composer to understand this, and if you go out of your way to look up all the meanings , you will be delightfully surprised. Yelena is fluent in Russian and speaks English as well. But there is one language that is universal in this poem that can not be ignored. Music, and the classics. Beethoven being her muse for this poem, I wonder what songs she was listening too while writing this piece.

Smokey lines hailing a bluntness make for a nice pace of reading. This poem has same effect as listening to Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 4. For who knew a poem would move the same ways a music, enthusiastic, inspiring, haunting, uplifting, and intellectually stimulating. Brilliant brilliant.

I’ll be listening to this poem for quite sometime 🙂
Bravo Yelena take a bow. Keep up the wonderful work!

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One thought on “Beethoven; A poem by Yelena”

  1. *blush* what a heartfelt review, Matthew. it just took me into stellar universes and almost made me fly. many Beethoven’s works were the inspiration for this, mainly concerts and piano sonatas, and also the movie Eternal Beloved dedicated to his life and music. i’m happy if i managed to deliver even a bit of his passion and love for music in this piece. thanks so much for your appreciation and floating words~

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