Accents in my head


You know that voice in your head as you read things or think about things and observe throughout the day?

If you want to get into some different frames of mind, try changing the accent of the voice inside your head…

You could try to talk like someone you know, to gain insight or empathy into a persons problems. Tip: Add speech patterns.

You could change the accent to someone you think is brave or sounds brave/courageous- If you are feeling afraid. Tip: Stand tall.

You could change it to a peaceful tone, if you are feeling angry. Tip: Think of a spiritual leader or peaceful person you think fondly of when you blink.

Now it sounds silly in theory, but the voice in your head gets a lot done for you. So why not exercise it like a muscle? Its applications are quite amusing.

Remember if it gets too weird, don’t take it too seriously 🙂

Give me feed back, let me know how it turns out.


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I will bring you the very best in Thought provoking material, ranging from poetry, pictures depicting humanistic and naturalistic splendors, I'll post about upcoming science breakthroughs that may have been overlooked, metaphysical anomalies/studies, weird history,and hopefully Religious inspections(Though I can not promise it will be always respectful), finally this could be interpreted as atheist/agnostic so leave now if you are religiously pre-occupied, and/or not willing to hear out other possibilities in our spectrum of human consciousness turn away now! And if you open your eyes to me today, I will attempt to explain...Life.

3 thoughts on “Accents in my head”

      1. when i get anxious i just begin to run in circles and feel like meowing/roaring.i suppose it’s because i have five cats (of which two are rather crazy) and unconsciously copy their behavioral patterns. good idea, thanks 🙂

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