Perfect (the gift you gave me)


If you are reading this you should know by now… how important being young and eternal is. Not in matters of age but in mind

Know even one life has breathed easier
in your giving expanse of love
blessing me with sacred possibilities

These places would not be without you
Sad songs of silence no words or voice

” I will die, you will die, the earth will die”


But you give me hope
those sparks in the night
With that enigmatic smile of yours
Which I wouldn’t ever forget
Shine, breathing sweet air into
lungs like mine
My fingers touch
the waters surface
create blooming ripples
adding more memories

You are dripping
time as a drop of rain
the smell of soil
quivering with quasar particles
hidden stellar streams
across the orchestral path

Immortal love burning
Connection ever here
Stir me til I’ve blended
my passions with my fear
strong yet sensitive,
firm but yet understanding,
hard but yet vulnerable
Willing to lose it.

And with a toothy smile “I do”
Looking at me with mirrored eyes ” I do too”

I have given


I only see

our own beautiful snowflakes


Now only do I have faith
we won’t melt into the puddles, and slosh
Oh, wake up wondering “why is this so perfect”

Because something hidden inside me has risen to the surface

I heard children’s laughter
I followed the sound~

To unlooked for logic
to simple to be understood
to complex to ignore!

sung on high
a tiny blue bird

yanked me
out of my chair –

right by the heartstrings….

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Carl Sagan’s Birthday

Carl Sagan's Birthday

In honor of Carl Sagan’s Birthday!
This picture was from a wonderful site *(picture click through link)* Called Zen Pencils, taking one of Carl Sagan’s many thought provoking discords- Fully illustrating a message of peace that will be sure to warm any heart. It is a message of love, and it shows how we all have an idea of heaven, and we are all fighting for it. So why not stand together and let the way we get there be a harmonious one? In my humble opinion this is FANTASTIC!

And shows how Science can bring others together 🙂

More about Mr. Sagan below from Wikipedia!

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