Rise up, rise up, we are the Human race.

Really want to share this video with everyone. A series of songs called AZEDIA ( lyrics used from a band).
This is a song by a youtube remixer named MR.SuicideSheep (interesting name I know)

Here are the lyrics. Enjoy.

“Somethings wrong but I don’t know what
Wondering how, with all the things I’ve got
Life is good but the pain don’t stop
Cos I’m holding on, so I give it up
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face
Wake up, wake up, take me out of this place
Rise up, rise up, we are the human race
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face”

And the speech is Alan Watts discussing nothingness

Really captures the nature of curiosity with a positive message about
not being scared to face all the questions, not to let them overwhelm you
into not asking.


Lindsey Stiriling- Crystallize

A classic approach to the future one that embodies nature leaving me frozen perpetually in wonder. Violinist Lindsey Stirling. Thrills.

Beethoven; A poem by Yelena

Piano’s essence is a molten sacrifice
defaced with the basswood timbre,
black spring consuming white winter
in its most terrible and bright moment –

The massacre of any distraught flare
at the core of forte’s solemn mass
clings closer to a porcelain heart
than dove’s devout eyes sky-fixed.

Basic are lowest octaves, sotto voce,
when the hammer stirs a frail string
and tremulous ivory sighs in chords
to reshape even the sheltering high –

For a vibrating wire and faint ruins
that slam on the cartesian world
the keys fever cadence after cadence,
shard after shard – tempered hectic.

C minor-edged on a nowhere’s pyre
the bleeding note speaks obsidian,
emotion as a dim archaic shimmer –
and the galaxy’s glazed bare, wingless.

If you kiss this fractured reverence
while adagio turns presto agitato,
toss feathers into a perfect catastrophe,
bless it with your abysmal geometry

you can flyImage

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Teardrop– Massive attack

These are fractured images from the Hubble Space Telescope, to the song Teardrop by Massive attack.
Get ready to feel inspired.