Why Xiangjun Shi studies physics!

“A film by Shixie (Xiangjun Shi)
Graduation Project at Rhode Island School of Design 2013
A Science Communication Project at Brown University Department of Physics”


(Thanks to Science Dump . com) for bringing me this video.

Rise up, rise up, we are the Human race.

Really want to share this video with everyone. A series of songs called AZEDIA ( lyrics used from a band).
This is a song by a youtube remixer named MR.SuicideSheep (interesting name I know)

Here are the lyrics. Enjoy.

“Somethings wrong but I don’t know what
Wondering how, with all the things I’ve got
Life is good but the pain don’t stop
Cos I’m holding on, so I give it up
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face
Wake up, wake up, take me out of this place
Rise up, rise up, we are the human race
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face”

And the speech is Alan Watts discussing nothingness

Really captures the nature of curiosity with a positive message about
not being scared to face all the questions, not to let them overwhelm you
into not asking.